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In Back to the Future, the future was 2015!
The Future of Home Care is NOW

Yesterday’s Home Care Association of America conference got off to a rousing start with Marc Wayshak, a sales guru. He actually teaches selling like it should be done in home care. His method, which he sells through his book, Game Plan Selling,  is based on first understanding how you can help someone, and then matching the sales pitch to that. He even suggests disqualifying those who are not your targets, so your sales time is focused on those who have the best potential to buy. A great day’s opener.

Danny Thompson, from Comfort Keepers, presented on selling private duty home care to ACOs. That session, alone is worth the price of coming to a conference. It is just one example of thinking differently. The fact is private duty home care, with a few exceptions, has been presented and sold the same way since it’s inception. The future (something I discuss today in my presentation) will be different than what we have previous experienced. Marc Wayshak said in his presentation that only 57 of the original Fortune 500 companies exist today.  And, he noted that in Back to the Future. the future was 2015. Some good thinking going on at this conference.

The best marketing session ever was on using community outreach as a marketing tool. This is relationship marketing at its finest, and, the good part is that they will share how to and you can do it for your own agency. Support for Home created this idea, partnered with florists and lots of senior care providers, and they are building relationships through this low cost effort that is making them the provider that is top of mind when any of these senior care providers need home care. Genius, and a great way to market, and one that I predict will be one model for successful home care agencies in the future.

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