Proactive marketing!

Proactive marketing is corecubed's MOST Program
Proactive marketing means strategy and measuring for success

Fabulous keynote yesterday at the Home Care Association of America Conference in Scottsdale by Donald Cooper. He challenged the group to see if the work they were all doing was their passion. And, he made some great marketing points. He said you want your marketing to create celebrity status for you. He also said that there is no point in being the best if you are the best kept secret.

His term, “Proactive Marketing”, however, jumped out at me, because that is what most home care companies do not realize. You really do have to be proactive, set goals, set a strategy and then implement. It is not as easy as it sounds, but there are (guess what I am going to say) those who can do it for you.

Proactive marketing means that you offer up the benefits of your business in a variety of ways in a variety of channels. It means doing something often and regularly. It means measuring what is working and doing more of that.

corecubed’s MOST Program is proactive marketing. It first starts with a strategy, based on what the agency has been doing successfully. Who is the target best reached and most satisfied by the previous work? Then, it uses a selection of the targeted collateral and processes to reach more of those kinds of targets, and gets them engaged, and actually provides helpful resources and information that helps their clients or families understand better how to age in place.