Nelson Mandela Goes Home with Home Care

Nelson Mandela uses home care
Nelson Mandela goes home with home care, in critical but stable condition

Nelson Mandela, the revered and much beloved ex-President of South Africa is 95 years old, and in a very frail condition. He was released from the hospital to go home, and the news report said that he would be cared for at home by the same staff that provided care in the hospital. He has family in the area, but the skill that he requires for care at home must be done by professionals.

This is the essence of “Private Duty Home Care”. It is called “Private Duty” because when someone was in the hospital and wanted to go home, they asked the nurses providing hospital care if they would work “private duty” away from the hospital, and follow the patient home.

Changes in technology have made skilled care at home much more easily done, and telehealth also allows contact with professionals at as high a level as possible to weigh in should trouble occur.

Everyone wins with home care. Mandela himself will do better in the familiar surroundings of home. His family will have access to him as they want, and not have to be in a hospital to visit.

I find it wonderful that home care in 2013 is such a viable option for so many. And, I find it especially reassuring that even in South Africa there is the push to go home with care, as opposed to staying in an institution.

Join me in Scottsdale on September 27th as I explore the future of home care in America, and discuss where the industry is going. Although on different continents, aging in place, recuperating at home, or just going home to end one’s days on this earth in a familiar surrounding with loving family are all trends that are common and are trends for the future.