Family Caregiving Shortage Predicted for the Future

Aging Boomers Need Care
AARP Report Showcases Family Caregiving Gap

AARP just released a new report that predicts a dramatically shrinking family caregiving pool starting in about 20 years. It is no secret that the demand for long-term services and supports will only grow as the nation ages. Currently family caregivers have expanded their roles to provide care to family members allowing them to remain in the familiar settings of home and community. However, as the ratio shrinks from 7 to 1 to about 4 to 1, there is room for concern.

Boomers are now taking care of family members, but in 15-20 years, those same Boomers will need care themselves. Lori Orlov suggests new technology as a way to increase the capacity to provide care. There are certainly many new technologies on the market and some are so very creative that even a 3 year old can access. And the Smart phone makes it all easier, accessible and possible.

Join me at the HCAOA conference in Phoenix on Friday, September 27th, as I discuss trends, obstacles and opportunities for the home care industry with all of the changes occurring now, and so many changes predicted for the future.