Keeping Your Eye on the Goal

Business is a team sport. All need to keep an eye on the goal, and work together to accomplish that goal. Marketing is really an essential ingredient in establishing and growing a successful business. And, although seemingly complicated, it really boils down to the basics:

  1. What is it we wish to accomplish? Do we want more sales in a specific area? Do we want more profitability from current sales? Do we want to offer new products or services?
  2. What is the story we want to tell in order to accomplish our goal?
  3. Who, specifically,  needs to hear it?
  4. How will they best be reached? Do they use the Internet? Do they have information filtered through another? Will they open direct mail? Are they inclined to read trade or news articles? Will they open email? Will they be searching for solutions or is your service an unknown to them?
  5. How do we know if we are successful? Based on what we are trying to accomplish, what do we measure to know if we are making inroads?

Marketing, when done strategically, works. It is part and parcel of running a business, whether selling products or services. However, setting the strategy, implementing it, measuring for results is, by necessity, a priority if success (however you determine it) is to be achieved.

In the aging care services market, there is a lot of buzz and noise now, as many are looking at the demographics and starting to enter this market segment. It really is a segment that is different than selling other products and services. Want to hear more and attend a great educational event? The Illinois Home Care and Hospice Council is holding a workshop on marketing for the industry on August 22nd in Springfield. The featured speaker? Merrily Orsini!