It IS Personal. Marketing should FEEL Personal.

Email Marketing
Is, “Dear Contact First Name” meant to make me feel special?

Email marketing is still a wonderful way to reach potential customers and to keep current customers in the loop on activities, events, and news. However, email marketing, as well as other types of customer contacts, should be as personal as possible. I often times cite an experience I had with an agency for whom I was working to personalize their intake and inquiry process. I laugh in recanting the “personal email” they sent to an inquiry whose mother had Alzheimer’s and to whom they were practicing their new found skill of matching the response to the inquiry. Personal and targeted. They cc:ed me on the email, so very proud of themselves for accomplishing my assigned task. Unfortunately, the email was not personalized, (no Dear Mrs Smith) and the attachment that was meant to be personalized read, “Alzheimer_inquiry_daughter.doc”! So much for the lesson learned.

Today I got an email addressed to “Dear Contact First Name” and, it did not make me feel special. There is a VERY easy fix in most email marketing programs that allows you to skip that salutation line, and just start with the body, or, you can add a generic “Good morning” or G’day” instead.

Whether you are selling home care or consulting services, the person to whom you are reaching out, or to whom you are responding, will feel a LOT better about reading and responding if there is nothing offensive from the get go.

Simple lesson for today: make it personal and it will make the person feel special. If only for a moment, but, at least, it will not be an irritant.