Fall Risks Addressed in Hospital Settings

Falling is sometimes preventable

Have you ever been hospitalized or had a family member hospitalized? The feeling is one of isolation and singularity, not engagement and plurality. While America works on transitioning from hospital to home, there are other movements afoot as well in hospitals to make the experience better. One focus lately is fall prevention. Nearly one million people fall in hospitals each year, so, it it high time that hospitals as an institution address the issue. The latest edition of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) eNewsletter covers a tool kit for hospitals that addresses fall prevention.

An informative slideshow covers it all. How wonderful that, one at a time, as America ages, our institutions are starting to address not only transitions from institution to home, but also treatment while IN the institution.

Interested? The transcript on fall preventions in hospitals is available, and the full tool kit is also available.

Some good ideas presented that, hopefully will be shared throughout the system and make a difference for those who have to be in a hospital for whatever reason.