Join Me For Next Week’s HCAOA Marketing Webinar

The Agency Website: Today’s Marketing Superhero

HCAOAWhen designed and developed correctly, there simply is no better marketing tool today than the agency website. It can simultaneously serve as a resource that educates and drives inquiries, a brochure, a caregiver application portal, a centralized place for housing educational events, a photo album, a press center, and a storefront for services. It’s a perfect “anytime, anywhere” resource for “on the go” adult children or referral sources that can drive qualified leads right to your door, when the right marketing tactics are incorporated.

On May 22nd at 2:00 PM EST, I will be presenting a webinar for HCAOA on the marketing importance of the agency website. Attendees will learn:

  • How the web has changed home care marketing
  • How to take advantage of mobile technology with your website
  • The basics of search engine optimization (SEO)

Join me on May 22nd for this exclusive home care marketing webinar! Reserve your spot today!