Focus. Focus. Focus.

MOST Marketing Program Works
MOST Monthly Marketing for Home Care

Like location, location, location for the real estate market, focus, focus, focus should be the mantra of those marketing home care services. The three tenets of marketing- message, visual, target- are key to success, and measuring what works is the magic bullet.

Let’s say that you have a private duty home care company and want more clients. Where do you start? How about where you currently have clients? Where do your current clients come from? Are several of them referred by one specific person, or group, or association/organization? If so, how about scheduling a lunch or a coffee with the contact and discussing how you are doing with the current clients they have referred? Ask what it would take to get more referrals. Find out what they like about your service and what they do not like. The go to the office and make a list of things to do, and systematically complete them.

Then, take what you learned from that one experience and look at your marketing. Are you targeting like people or organizations? Are you using the same message to target them that worked the first time? Are you applying what you learned from your meeting?
What about your visuals accompanying the communication? Do those visuals work with that target? For instance, if the target is an Alzheimer’s Association, do your visuals follow the visuals of someone who is seeking help with Alzheimer’s? A caring, loving caregiver walking a person outside? Someone folding laundry with a caregiver at her side? Someone lovingly cradling a doll accompanied by a loving caregiver? Or, are your visuals medically oriented and not appropriate for the Alzheimer’s caregiver target? Think about it.
Once you do target, and refine your messages and make that visual marry with the message, are you measuring? Do you track where calls originate and why? Do you check website stats and see what is working? Do you look at who opens your email communication to see what they find most interesting?

Marketing successfully is really not rocket science, but it does take planning, execution and measurement. If you are not doing this effectively, perhaps it is time for some assistance. Check out corecubed’s MOST program to see how professionals can help your marketing be easy. Then all you have to do is the measurement part. The rest is done for you.