The Role of Privately Paid Services in the Health Care Equation

Expert in Aging Care Services
Merrily Orsini, MSSW, Aging Care Services Expert

The American Society of Aging Conference convenes today and the expectations are high. I’ll be posting throughout the conference, while gathering more information to include in my presentation on ¬†Friday that will cover:

1) The ins and outs to get a better understanding of the regulatory and legislative changes affecting the privately paid care delivery system.

2) How to position a business to take best advantage of concierge or targeted services for daily living assistance

3) Ideas for expanding the possibilities for partnering with niche specialty services

Having been a pioneer in the Aging Services industry, it is wonderful to see all the attention now being given to the industry. Early on in my career, I attended an intensive 2 week educational conclave at Estes Park, Colorado. One person from each state was selected, and I attended for Kentucky. It was a leadership course, designed to position those interested in aging with the potential to continue in the field, and to become leaders to a nation that was not planning for the future.

Now, the nation is planning for the future, and I am thrilled to be a part of that planning and that conversation. If you are interested in how we plan on dealing with unprecedented numbers of those getting older and older each year, stay tuned! Hopefully there will be some insights and some sage advice that will come out of this week in Chicago.