The Land of Maturity is the New Frontier

Photo of Sarah Knauss and 6 generations
6 Living Generations

Dr. Ken Dychtwald from AgeWave opened the American Society on Aging Conference today following a greeting from Msg, Charles Fahey, a past ASA President. In true Dychtwald fashion, he entertained us all and spread his constant message about an aging America and how we are really not prepared for the onslaught.

However, today’s message was also about creating opportunities from aging. As long as one is healthy, there is really no reason for retirement. In fact, many today are not retiring, rather are switching professions or moving into helping professions, or going back to school.

He shared 5 points that relate to the current situation of retiring age boomers.

1) The longevity revolution. 2/3 of the people who have lived to be over 65 IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD are alive today. We are facing a horizon in front of us that humans have not contemplated before.

2) Where do we put the longevity bonus? We, as a society, are now blessed with unprecedented longevity, and we need to find a way to make it a bonus, not a burden.

3) Financial wake-up call! There really needs to be a mindshift in financing retirement or old age. Americans are simply not planning well for retirement or reduced income, and it is a tragedy that will come back to haunt us.

4) New retirement lifescape. Boomers simply do not like the current version of aging, and are creating their own. It turns out that a full 70% of boomers want to continue working after retirement age,

5) Retirement finds a new purpose

Dychtwald says retirement is time for a new chapter in life, and a time to leave a legacy.

He said there are no experts in “FUN” entering the field. And I just decided today that that is what I want to be.