Content and Relevancy Rule for SEO

Panda FactorIs it possible the Internet is passing adolescence and headed into adulthood? As the Internet becomes more important in daily lives (finding resources, checking weather, checking road conditions and traffic, keeping up with friends and enemies, communicating and showcasing wares) the importance of relevant search also escalates. Google, in its Internet search wisdom, is trying to make the Internet a relevant format for which legitimate goods and services can be easily found when someone has a need.

When we first started creating websites and realizing that they needed a certain format to be found by the searcher, the rules started being applied. Today, some of the old rules are harmful instead of helpful. It’s not nice to trick Mother Nature and it is also not nice to trick the search engines. In both cases, you will not be the winner in the end.

Content, relevant content, content that is helpful, resourceful, unique and desired is what now rules the search engines, and it appears that will continue into the future.

This should be no surprise, since, after all, the Internet is really a huge resource platform, and it does need to be relevant. So, what does this mean for home care agencies and those who service the aging services industry? It mean that you need to have a relevant business with things to report, and with information to provide your audience that is helpful.

Three resources you might be interested in:

1) The 6 part aging services marketing series that I am presented monthly can be found here. Register today.

2) The MOST Program that is based on creating content for our members that helps populate the agency website with unique and relevant content

3) Our theme WordPress websites that allow a business to have a search engine friendly platform, designed to please, and just ready for adding relevant content.

Search engine marketing rules change almost every other day. In fact, Google made over 200 changes just last year, with two major revamps of the algorithms they use for searching. The new marketing rules are not static, they are fluent, and it would take a full time person just to keep up with them. Get smart and outsource your marketing to someone who knows the industry and the new marketing rules.