Facebook Issues Remove Posts from Business Pages


With social media being such an important part of SEO and communication for a business, what is a person to do when the posts just disappear? Many sites are now experiencing their entire newsfeed just disappearing, and Facebook has no answers at the moment.

Google+ is a great alternative solution, but it has not gained the popularity that Facebook has achieved.  For the time being, Facebook is just asking users to wait and be patient.  Hard to do when it is such an integral component of marketing.

For an analysts report on the status of Facebook as a social media tool for the future, you might be interested in this Huffington Post Video that discusses the future of social media in general.

We at corecubed belive that social media is here to stay, and I will be speaking on that exact topic at the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice Legislative Conference in Austin on January 24th, 2013.