Dementia Expert Scores Marketing Hit

In my recent trip to Austin to speak at the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice Legislative Conference, I focused on education as a major component of marketing for home care agencies. The integrated nature of marketing home care and using education as the basis is a mantra for us here at corecubed.

In a feature article in Louisville’s Courier Journal today, some of my teachings were implemented. Kudos to Senior Helpers who used Teepa Snow, a nationally known Alzheimer’s Expert to present to the local Alzheimer’s Association and the public was invited.

#1 Education is a key component to reaching those who have an interest in care for their elderly loved ones. Since there are always new dementia diagnoses daily, the subject is always of interest to a new group of people.

#2 Sponsorship as a way to reach a more focused target: the local Senior Helpers franchise partnered with the local Alzheimer’s Association, so both benefit.

#3 Spreading the word both traditionally and non-traditionally: this front page placement is proof that bringing in the media when the event is newsworthy works. Not only did it make the front page of the health and fitness section, but it made a headline on the home page of the newspaper, and in a call out box the franchise website is listed first.

So, Kudos to those who follow the new marketing rules for home care, and take note those who are not thinking about the power of education as marketing for home care, and the exponential power of integrated marketing to get results!

If you want to hear all about how corecubed suggests that home care agencies go to market, and then find out how you can be a part of that robust marketing implementation for a fraction of the cost to implement it yourself,  join us February 19th for the MOST Program overview. You can sign up online at corecubed’s events page.