Thelma Hausman Dunlevy and Mary Geraghty: a Tribute

Thelma Hausman Dunlevy and Mary Geraghty

Two wonderful women passed away this week, and the loss to our community is great. Thelma Hausman Dunlevy was a fellow Rotarian, a fellow woman in business, and a fellow unbridled spirit. She was forever questioning order, asking tough questions, and shining as an example of a successful woman in business who continued to push the envelope for others so the way of new women business owners would be smoother.

Mary Geraghty was a long time caregiver for Elder Care Solutions. She was a caregiver by nature, a woman always willing to go that extra mile, someone who could be called in a pinch to go anywhere and care for anyone. She was loving, kind, wise, and funny. Life seemed an adventure for her, and she got her thrills by helping others.

Both will be sorely missed. Sincerest sympathies go to their families who will miss them daily. These are perfect examples of ¬†two women who approached life differently, but who made the most of their talents, and who shared that with others. I’ll miss you both.