What Cyber Monday Sales Mean to Home Care

Cell Phone graph on research for medical needs
Cell phone usage to search for health information grows and trends upward

Well, the sales numbers are in and online sales set a record, up a whopping 30.3% from last year. The biggest change? Mobile device usage to purchase with more than 18% of purchasers using a smart phone or tablet, making that increase of 70% a true eye opener. From the article in today’s Chief ! Marketer, “The number of consumers using their mobile device to make a purchase was 10.1%.  Mobile sales reached close to 13%, an increase of more than  96%. ”

And, it is the iPad that continues to drive more retail shopping than any other device. Traffic reached more than 7% versus 6.9% and 4.5% for iPhone and Android respectively, according to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.

The trend upward is the key here. And the way that people are moving so readily to use their smartphones and tablets as a method of doing business that was once relegated to the PC. If you think about it,  buying on the Internet is a relatively new way to shop, and the switch to using smart phones and tablets is just user convenience.

It is this user convenience,  the ability to do tasks- shop, research, play games, talk with friends and family, check out home care businesses- it it the convenience factor that is the key, and it is definitely trending upward.

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