Technology, Inbound Marketing, and Home Care! Oh My!

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice‚Äôs Annual Meeting & Exposition is coming up later this month, and this year’s focus will be on riding the high-tech tide into the future of home care! It’s no secret that the world and the home care industry are embracing newer and better technologies every day. Telehealth devices that can do everything from reporting health issues or falls to tracking a client’s movements throughout the home are being incorporated into the industry, giving agencies a technological edge, and making life better for clients and their families. But how can an agency take advantage of the technologies that their clients, referral sources, and potential clients use every day to increase business and profitability?

On October 22nd, I’ll be presenting at the NAHC Annual Conference on how home care agencies can increase their visibility online via inbound marketing. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • The overall process of inbound marketing as an integrated component of a successful marketing strategy;
  • The importance of effective online inbound marketing strategies to agency growth;
  • And the best methods for implementing online communication efforts into the current agency marketing and sales culture.

I’ll also talk about the growing use of mobile apps in the industry, what makes an effective website, and how you can and should be using social media. Will I see you in Orlando on October 22nd? If you are at NAHC, look me up!