Facebook (is NOT) for Dummies

Trick or treat! Tomorrow at noon Eastern time, an important webinar on using Facebook will cover why and how. Facebook has been around long enough that it is, as a business, larger than many countries. Amazingly, people are still asking, “Should I use Facebook?” The other question that we get regularly is “What is the ROI?”

Facebook Grows in Popularity
Facebook as a business. Use it!


Join Leigh-Ann Heuer, corecubed‘s Internet marketing Specialist and Merrily Orsini, President/CEO as we discuss the who, what, where, how and why of using FAcebook for business (and pleasure).

Over the past few years we have gotten quite good at using Facebook for a variety of businesses, and also for ourselves.

The goals of businesses are different, but the main goal – increase revenue (or at least increase profits) is a universal goal. Facebook has a place at the table for this discussion, and we think you should as well.

There is still time to sign up and join us.