Trying Out a New Look: The Importance of Updating Your Website

If you’ve ever browsed around on or purchased anything from corecubed‘s Home Care Agency Marketplace before, I’m sure you’ll notice that things look a little different around the storefront these days. The team has been hard at work creating a fresher site that’s more visual and easier to navigate, and in that vein, I thought it would a good time to talk about the importance of updating a website.

I think we all know and agree that a professional online presence is essential in the increasingly digital marketplace. But a website is not a static marketing device. (Or, at least, it shouldn’t be.) So what necessitates a website update?

The Facelift: Because SEO keywords have been, up to this point, one of the biggest ways to get a site ranked highly by search engines, many sites that were designed in the last few years have a higher emphasis on content than on design. And while content is still king, social media has made having eye-catching graphics on a site extremely important. Think of recent social sharing powerhouse, Pinterest. If your site doesn’t have great graphics, no one can pin you! Such was the case with Home Care Agency Marketplace. Because online marketing is becoming so much more visual, we wanted bigger and better graphics that give visitors a better sense of the quality of products they’re getting when they purchase from us. We also went with a sleeker design with simpler navigation that gives emphasis to our products and enables users to find what they want quicker.

The Attention Grabber: A professional website design will give your site a look and functionality that will last a long time. However, when you’re reevaluating your design and SEO strategies, consider giving your site a fresh look as well. New images, features and content will garner attention, not only from regular clients, but from the search engines as well. Have you visited a site that changed up its design lately? Did you browse around the site to check out the new features? I rest my case.

Keeping Up with the Joneses: The biggest reason for a website update is the most obvious: Things change! And it’s not just product or company changes that necessitate a website update. The evolution of searching and marketing often force companies to reevaluate their current sites and determine how to improve them. Search algorithms change so frequently that, if you haven’t reevaluated your online content strategy in the last year, your site could be in danger of slipping from its Google search rank. Make sure you’re reading up on the latest Google search algorithms and keeping track of the type of sites in your industry that are hot at the moment, and then use that knowledge to make adjustments to your own site.

A whole site revamp isn’t necessary very often, but there are many things you can do to spruce things up and keep clients and search engines interested. What sites have you seen recently that have caught your eye? Let me know in the comments.