Heartwarming Care’s Website Redesign

Home Care Website RedesignI talk a great deal about the importance of Internet marketing for home care agencies, but the part that doesn’t get discussed enough is making adjustments as your marketing plan grows. As your online marketing strategy changes, so will your website, which may mean that you’ll need a site redesign to help you incorporate your expanding resources. Recently, long-time corecubed client Heartwarming Care found themselves in need of a website redesign. Because they make great use of videos, blogging, and social media, they needed their site to better support and organize their media and home care resources.

With corecubed‘s home care-specific Custom WordPress Themes, the team was able to give Heartwarming Care a well organized site that beautifully displays their digital content and has all the functionality needed to link to their blog and social media sites. Take a look at their site on corecubed‘s portfolio page or visit their site to get a better feel for the type of professionally designed and developed sites corecubed can create.