Arizona Non-Medical Home Care Association Keynote on Trends with a Focus on Technology in Home Care

Working with many agencies and vendors to the home care industry, and having spent years working in home care myself, I’ve seen the changes the industry has gone through and am very aware of the technological brink we are currently poised to breech. With more and more seniors becoming active online, and the children of those seniors doing a large amount of their shopping, researching, and info gathering on the Internet, agencies are beginning to take notice and embrace technology in home care.

Today’s successful in-home care agency needs to be aware of possibilities for the future, to stay ahead of the competition, solve problems before they present and think of new ways to go to market. With the advent of cloud-based computing, affordable tablets and smart phones, the applications of technology to non-medical home care are increasing daily. As the keynote speaker at AZNHA’s 2012 Symposium this month, I’ll be talking about trends in the industry. Following that keynote, I will address a special session on why integrating technology into home care isn’t the future, it’s the present!

Attendees will learn about:

  • Current technology available in the industry
  • Tech trends for the future
  • How to introduce or enhance technology to create best practices in home care
  • How to differentiate services to a more sophisticated customer

Technology and home care – two of my favorite topics! Let’s get the discussion going. Will I see you in Arizona on August 29th?