Going Corporate: Are You Offering Eldercare Services to Local Companies?

Each year, companies around the country stand to lose around $2,500 for every person they employ who is also a family caregiver. That’s $2,500 in decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and increased use of personal and sick leave to provide care or combat personal stress. And as the wave of baby boomers crests, more and more employees will take on the double role of full time employee and care provider. This is where agencies can help!

A company’s benefits package is one of the first things potential employees consider when either searching for work or accepting a job offer. Company benefits are there to help give employees a satisfying work-life balance, and as times change, these benefits may need to be reevaluated to ensure that vital needs, such as eldercare, are covered. Develop a relationship with local businesses in your area and find out if they are experiencing any of the following issues with their employees:

  • Arriving late or leaving early to deal with family caregiving issues
  • Increased absenteeism and workday disruptions that hurt productivity due to family caregiving issues
  • Increased use of unpaid leaves of absences or using personal or sick days to provide care to family members
  • Refusal to relocate or participate in work-related travel because of family caregiving issues

If companies are experiencing this kind of disruption, adding an eldercare program to their benefits package can offer their employees peace of mind while reducing monetary and productivity losses. Plus, adding this service to your agency’s list of offerings could improve your business as well.

If you feel that you may need additional one-on-one consulting about adding this service offering, I’m happy to help.