Technology in Home Care (and Life)…Because Home Care is 24/7/365

When you own and operate a home care agency, the endless list of responsibilities regarding care coordination and staffing can be overwhelming. Enter technology. Use of specialized technology and software is growing among agency owners to ensure processes are in place and the best care is provided.

Today, I am honored to speak at the Visiting Angels National Franchise Meeting to cover the latest in home care technology and to dissect best practices in delivering cutting-edge care, using:

  • Software
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • The Cloud
  • Telehealth, Telecare, Telemedicine

Providing quality home care options in the 21st century certainly has its advantages. There are now more choices than ever for easy-to-use devices and tools that make home care a more comfortable and convenient option for both seniors and their families, while enhancing safety and independence.

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