Your Home Care Marketing Partner, MOST, Gets a Website Makeover!

Our signature MOSTSM marketing program, which specializes in personalized Marketing, Operations & Sales Tools for private duty home care, home health and hospice, was next in line for an internal website makeover. Now complete with colorful infographics, easy site navigation, and access to a private tour of the membership, I want to share it to demonstrate how a website should be at the core of all marketing efforts. We lead by inspired example. Go ahead; take the MOSTSM website for a spin.

Now, a little bit more about MOSTSM. For our MOSTSM membership clients, there is an ongoing, monthly strategy component behind MOSTSM that is missing with many other approaches to marketing home care. We encourage our clients to market their agency with monthly education-themed and home care-related materials that are branded to their company, and tailored to the services their clients need. The agency website, often designed and developed by corecubed, houses these materials in an ever-expanding resource library. And the strategy goes even beyond that.

And, yes, we know that creating materials from scratch is expensive—but because MOSTSM is a turn-key program with materials developed and the cost spread over geographic areas, we can offer all of our resource materials at a heavily discounted price.

Following the  MOSTSM Formula for Success, your marketing materials and website are designed to serve as helpful tools to educate seniors’ families, those actually receiving care, as well as agency caregivers and those in the community in the position to refer clients to your services.

Learn more about proven results with MOSTSM.