The Customer is Always Right, Right?

What do you do when a loyal customer requests something for free that simply can’t be given away? Practicing good customer service, you’d better come up with something to please all parties—you just never know who may be listening. Take for instance, Samsung Canada, and their response to an unusual request for a free phone upgrade.

It’s not so unusual that a customer would want a free upgrade, or that someone would communicate with a brand directly via private message on Facebook, but what is, is the unique dragon drawing and scribbles that accompanied the message on Facebook—to serve as a cherry on top.

Shane Bennett, a loyal Samsung purchaser, is the sender of the Facebook note and also the person Samsung should thank for a positive moment in the PR spotlight. Since Samsung could not deliver on the requested phone—that is not even out yet in stores—Samsung wrote back, and attached an equally amusing drawing (below).

That the company took the time to respond to his large request meant a lot to Bennett, so he posted Samsung’s drawing to Reddit where it was voted to the front page—it went viral. Reading this article on PR inspired me and reminded me of what I preached earlier this month in this blog post—customer service is not a one-time event; rather, it is a process, and it permeates all components of the business:

  • Attitude: Bright, friendly, and helpful
  • Meeting Customer Needs: From introduction through the relationship, any contact must be knowledgeable, helpful and responsive
  • Handling Conflict/Issues: Resolve conflicts or issues with respect, courtesy, and a genuine desire to help the customer
  • Special Requests, Services or Needs: Going out of the way to not only meet needs, but exceed expectations, making certain requests, services, or needs are not only met (baseline) but exceeded

How have you surprised your customers with excellent customer service and attention? If you need one-on-one consulting for great home care marketing and service, give me a call!