Getting the Most Out of Google with Google Plus

Google PlusIf you’ve been in the online marketing game for a while, you know that Google is always changing and updating the way that it ranks websites. In fact, some stats are coming in about their most recent “Penguin” update that will change many tried and true blogging conventions. The new algorithm looks more at the quality of content as opposed to those preciously optimized keywords, a veritable game changer for the SEO world.

But while Google’s search algorithms present changes and a few new challenges for blogs and websites, one thing hasn’t changed, and it’s probably been flying under your radar for a while now: Google+. Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter, Google+ has been slow to gain popularity among the plethora of existing social networks, but it is a force not to be ignored when it comes to marketing and search engine optimization. Why? Like any good parent, Google makes its social media baby a priority when ranking content, meaning what you post on Google+ will get ranked higher than what you post on other social networks. And it’s a pretty genius move on Google’s part. By embedding Google + into their search results, Google is not only getting their social network noticed, they’re essentially saying that users have to join to get better search results.

So don’t let Google+’s apparent lack of social popularity fool you; it’s a social media power player in a much different way! Our MOST marketing program is helping home care agencies grow their brands on Google+ as we speak. Find out how you can get the social media assistance your agency needs by visiting