Merrily Speaks on Marketing Home Care

Presenting on home care marketing strategy never gets old. Right around the corner, I’ll be keynoting at conferences around the country on customer service and web-based internet marketing, as well as teaming up for an an informative webinar with Will Chatham, Web Manager and a critical component of our corecubed team. Here’s a preview of the marketing goodness that’s to come.

Merrily Orsini Speaks!
Merrily Orsini Brings Humor and Experience and Relevance to an Audience

May 8, 2012

Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice Private Pay Conference: Think Big!

Keynoting with my presentation, “Bigger & Better Customer Service: Winning and keeping clients in today’s market,” you’ll learn my definition of ‘lagniappe’ and how we add that extra dollop to home care. Today’s home care market has competitive and economic challenges that require new tactics and tools to succeed.  Providing excellence in both the quality of the care provided and the way it is delivered necessitates a concierge mentality from initial contact through service provision.  How do you build it into the agency as core values?

Plus, I’ll be leading a Breakout Session—Inbound Marketing: The Skinny on Social Media. Technology is changing how people find and choose home care providers. From blogging to Facebook, to LinkedIn and Google+, attendees will learn how to integrate traditional agency marketing into today’s strategy.

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October 16 – 18, 2012

New York State Association of Health Care Providers’ 2012 Annual Management Conference & Exhibition

Keynoting with my collective thoughts on “The Effective Website: Ever Shifting, Ever Changing,” conference attendees will look through a kaleidoscope, and change their perspective on website functionality and marketing. Technology in today’s world changes rapidly, and how the website is used changes as the viewer changes his scope, and as technology changes the view. How does an agency best use the Internet as a marketing tool? This informative session will address how to integrate all marketing efforts into the agency website, implementing a strategy for success.

Also leading the Breakout Session, “Convergence and Interactivity: Spend an Hour a Week for Results,” I’ll touch on how to maximize the time-limited work week, and how to keep online content fresh, keep the search engines happy, and how to engage potential and current referral sources and customers.

October 21 – 24, 2012

National Association for Home Care & Hospice Annual Meeting & Exposition

With my breakout seminar on, “Inbound Marketing: A Natural for Home Care with Mobile Apps, Website Resources, and Social Media,” I’ll be talking about all things mobile. More and more, the mobile phone and tablets are fast becoming the hub for much of home care sales and marketing. Growing a business is more about having the right information available in a variety of online ways, and interacting and responding appropriately. Attendees will leave ready to get social!

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April 25, 2012

National Private Duty Association (NPDA) Webinar: The Agency Website as the Core of Marketing Strategy

As more people search for resources online, the agency website has become the core for marketing services. Making the most of the agency website, not only in design, but in content, and having the search engines rank the site on the first page, are key goals for marketing. Learn the basics from Will Chatham and me, in this interactive webinar where live sites will be used as examples.

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