Cultivating Credibility with Social Media

In marketing, we’re always harping on knowing your targets and generating interest with your audience, but there’s another factor to a successful marketing strategy: cultivating credibility. Whether you are a large health care provider or a smaller in-home care agency, managing your community’s perception of your business is crucial. So, communicating and demonstrating trust and experience should be at the top of your list.

Social media is a lightning fast way to communicate and publish content that expresses your authority in your field—you’re reading my blog, right? Social media can also increase your following and pump traffic to your website—and, as I’ve always said, a website should be at the core of all marketing efforts. Earning trust isn’t limited to your patients and clients, either; local media and bloggers may be listening as well.

A strong online presence is so important because search engines notice when content is shared. Google translates this sharing of information and links to recommendations and influence, thus moving your name up the search engine rankings—which helps potential clients find you in their time of need. And, traditional media are reporting through social networks and online news outlets more than ever before, and they reach a large segment with each post. Securing print and online coverage is still a sure way to increase valuable influence.

In fact, speaking of online reporting, dozens of newspapers are creating pages on Pinterest, which is the latest social media platform to really take off. I’m sure we’ll be posting quite a bit over the next few months about retailers and businesses pinning lots of hope on Pinterest accounts. Will you Pinterest?

My fabulous team at corecubed can set up social media accounts, create a strategy for success, and implement! We know the value of social media as well as traditional media in marketing, and are staying ahead of the curve.