Landing Pages: One Tactic to Increase Leads

Part 3 of our webinar marketing series on integrated marketing strategies for your website occurs at noon today. “Landing Pages: One Tactic to Increase Leads” will cover the theory behind landing pages, and how to best use them to accomplish goals. We will show examples, and answer questions that will best meet the needs of our audience. If you have not signed up, then now is the time.

Landing pages are usually single pages (sometimes double with links) that are specific to a product or service and have a great call to action. A landing page is a page on your site dedicated to delivering on promises made by the offers in your content. The goal is to get a consumer of your content to take another step toward becoming a customer. Your home page is not a good landing page. It really needs to be a specific page, either attached as a part of your website or using a standalone URL so it is impactful.

I just came across these great tips for content marketers, which is what marketing home care is all about. Here are some of those tips (borrowed) for turning content into sources for traffic, leads and sales through powerful calls to action:

Be bold. Catch the reader’s attention.

Offer something of value, even if it’s more content. For home care it should be helpful tips and resources or checklists.

Be inline. Put calls to action right in the copy.

Be mobile. Add QR codes so your readers can go on a little adventure to your next offering.

Be creative. Just like an ad in any medium, you want to create compelling calls to action for placement in your valuable marketing educational content.

Be generous. Have great content. Be miserly. Hold something back that the reader or viewer has to click through to get. For instance, hold back five of ten tips.

Be exclusive. Offer something exclusive to consumers. Include the offer to those who attend a presentation or an event.

corecubed’s MOST program for home care agencies is based partly on content marketing. Want to experience all of corecubed’s 2012 marketing series, including the most recent MOST webinar? You can view past presentations on our website. See you today!