Happy belated birthday, Twitter!

Dinner last evening at Le Relais with my husband and Jean DellAmore of Stertil-Koni who is in Louisville for the Mid-America Trucking Show, the topic of Twitter came up. My wonderful but antiquated husband (lovingly referred to as a fuddy duddy TWICE last evening) just does not understand social media and its application to the business world. M. DellAmore, however, fully understands the potential, even for an industry like truck lifts.  So, how refreshing this morning to read that Twitter celebrated its 6th birthday yesterday with over 500 million users!

There are actually 13 people signing up for Twitter every 13 seconds. If you are interested in actual stats, there is a site that tracks all of this. An example below of the information on Twopcharts.

Usage stats from Twopcharts
MerrilyO Wishes Twitter Happy Birthday

Another social media discussion yesterday covered how best to spend marketing dollars and posed the question, “is incorporating social media an important expenditure when marketing funds are limited”? It depends on the target AND the goal. Blogging is almost always beneficial, IF the website alongside which the blog is working is a great website that will generate leads and help convert clients. FaceBook is a good tool to showcase individuality and to offer up some events and product launches. Twitter is a great overall space to help increase SEO for a website and for reaching out to a specific audience, but it takes time. There are tools, of course, to help manage all the social media entries, but the key is strategy.  Look at the marketing budget. Identify the target. Then measure how best to reach that target. Social media is just one tool in the marketers’ toolbox. Want to know if it is right for YOUR business? Ask corecubed’s team of experts.