Deadline Extended – 2012 Private Duty Benchmarking Survey

If you have not participated in the 2012 Private Duty Benchmarking Survey yet, Home Care Pulse has extended the deadline for completing the survey to March 5th at 11:59 p.m.

Here’s how your agency will benefit by participating:

Self Evaluation – The survey is designed as a self evaluation tool. Simply by answering the questions, you will be gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors who do not participate. Also, rest assured, your answers are completely anonymous and confidential.

Participant Incentives – This year’s incentives for participants are greater than any other year. To learn more about these incentives, including the Personalized Benchmarking Report, watch the video at This report in particular, will be among your greatest assets for your business to date.

Competitive Advantage – Those who take the survey and then purchase a discounted copy of the 2012 Private Duty Benchmarking Study, especially the personalized version, will have a significant competitive advantage over their competition.

To learn how to participate, go to and take the 3 steps outlined on the site. Thank you in advance!

When ordering the Personalized Benchmarking Study, be sure to use corecubed’s promo code at checkout for a total 40% discount off the pre-order price. Promo code is:  CORE2012