Crowdfunders Need Marketing Too!

Spoke last night in Louisville to the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, about marketing and social media. The basic theme was how much marketing and doing business has changed in the last decade. The internet brings so many opportunities to the table, and now with the JOBS Act, there are more opportunities opening up. And, each new business idea must have marketing strategy as one component of success.

The JOBS Act proposes to relax reporting requirements for those smaller companies that wish to seek funding through initial public offerings, plus it expands the number of investors allowed for the funding of community banks.

Crowdfunding is the phenomenon that the internet makes possible. is already thriving under limited circumstances in corners of the Internet. Some of the sites that make crowdfunding possible are Kickstarter, (offers rewards instead of equity), HelpersUnite, (primarily for green projects and charitable fundraising) and, (scientific focus).

The bill that just passed the house and is expected to pass in the senate would be for entrepreneurs looking to raise $2 million or less, and investors would be limited to putting up no more than $10,000 (or 10 percent of their annual income).

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