Eldercare as the Unexplored Continent

No matter how many times eldercare issues are explained, explored and discussed, when a person has an eldercare issue with a family member, it seems like the first time anyone ever had this problem. Education and resources abound, but when the need arises, the befuddled adult child always asks, “Where can I turn for answers?”

Recently I had the fortune to go on an expedition to Antarctica. While there, and prior to going, I learned about the early explorers to the White Continent and the hardships they suffered. I read about the efforts of many to chart unknown waters and to trudge through icy and snow covered mountains filled with unsuspecting crevasses. Alone with the penguins and whales, normal life seemed a million miles away, and should I have needed help from the mainland, none would be forthcoming. Antarctica is a long way away from anything else and unreachable except by a 2 day voyage across treacherous waters.

Iceberg Antarctica
The White Continent

This lost and alone feeling is the same that people experiencing elder care issues for the first time feel. And they also feel the crevasses and the treacherous waters that keep them from safe harbor. So, how can those who offer elder care services make the journey less fearful, less painful, and more warm and fuzzy for the adult child? Education that is specific to the need. An active listener who actually hears the fear and the unknown and can pinpoint the issues and help solve the problems. Now, I am feeling rather dramatic as I write this, but searching for answers is the first step. And, having a great website that targets specific issues is one of the answers. Not the complete answer, but a start. Won’t you join us for an educational webinar on our award winning MOST program? That is one, simple way for agencies to have all the information needed to respond to the lost adult child, and to start developing a website that is chock full of safety¬† nets for those who feel lost in the wilderness of eldercare issues.