Private Duty Homecare Association Leadership Summit: Day 2 – Tuesday

Private Duty Leadership Summit’s General Session Keynotes

When Dr. Lance Secretan was introduced and he walked up to the front of the room and continued right past the podium where most speakers would take their station, we knew we were in for something different. Walking the floor with the audience, he engaged from the very beginning. He led with, “We are going to talk about inspiration.”

He discussed leadership as an old concept with a missing piece, which is inspiration. How can you inspire others if you, yourself are not inspired? To dive into that concept, he talked about motivation and how we often as a society confuse motivation with inspiration. We have built companies, incentives, etc. on motivation, which is a fear-based concept. Dr. Secretan encourages us to throw this idea out and shift thinking toward inspiration. To be inspiring to others and to yourself, you must change the words you use. Inspiring words are those with compassion, care and love. “Love leads to inspiration.”

Dr. Secretan asked, “How do you run a healthcare business when the game around you changes all the time?” Take a good look at your leadership team. He stated that because we are human beings, all leadership teams are dysfunctional to some extent. The first thing we need to do is align and correct  these teams. To do so, ask three questions and have everyone in the leadership team share these responses with each other.

  1. Why am I here? This is your destiny.
  2. What is my calling? This is your calling.
  3. How will I be? This is your character.

This is called the “Why Be Do.”

Another major component of Dr. Secretan’s insight had to do with the concept of Permission Space. What will people allow you to do? What is accepted by your customer base? You will be given permission to be great if you do these things. As an agency, figure out what those things are, plot them on a map and follow it.

“Inspiration drives performance.”-Dr. Lance Secretan.

“Authenticity is the alignment of the mind, the mouth, the heart and the feet.” -Dr. Lance Secretan

Paul Kusserow, Humana

Paul opened with a powerful statement. He believes home care, despite the uncertain healthcare landscape, is an extraordinary business to be in—and will change the way we age.

He discussed how Humana took the principles of Dr. Secretan and changed the dynamic of the company. Fundamentally, Humana wanted to establish a continuum of care for their customers. They wanted to start the dialogue about wellbeing with customers before they were ill. They believed this was in their permission space.

To this end, Humana began to research their customer base to see what their customers’ impressions of wellbeing were.

Through this process, Humana realized that they wanted to be “all things senior.” They see a great deal of opportunity for home care companies in telehealth and helping families become a part of the care process. Agencies should think about how to expand their influence. He concluded with, “Humana wants to inspire people to be the best they can be and partner with them to do that.”

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Education Sessions

PDHCA was honored to host a series of education sessions in the afternoon with dynamic content for attendees. For clips of the sessions, visit PDHCA’s YouTube channel at

Session topics included:

  • Get more web visibility, traffic and leads
  • New rules of home care growth in the post-recession age
  • Negotiating the sale of a home care agency
  • Legal issues concerning websites, blogs and social media
  • Attracting and retaining the A+ caregiver
  • Making sense out of private duty’s role in transitional care
  • Focused networking as an art form that drives sales
  • Obtaining insurance benefits for your clients’ care
  • Quality & customer service: two sides of the same coin

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