Success the old fashioned way: Meeting clients in person!

Social media is certainly one of the ways to market products and services, and we know from the statistics that more businesses are putting money into social media and taking a hard look at their past practices.  The secret to marketing success, however, is paying close attention to where you get clients and customers and doing more of what works.

One of my daily reads is a series of articles about marketing, and today this one hit the spot:

“If you aren’t meeting the right kinds of customers or clients, try fishing further upstream, in another river, or hunting quail instead. There’s no shame in changing course, and you may find that a very small change can pay very large dividends—for your business and your lifestyle.”

The  PDHCA conference in Las Vegas January 23-25th has a real networking session. One of the best ways to land clients in home care is the good old fashioned face-to-face networking and relationship building. The trick is really to be where your clients and referral sources are looking, and that is a combination of factors, and one of those continues to be old fashioned networking!

Here is  the original article that caught my attention.