Private Duty Home Care Leadership Summit & Expo, Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop

For the first time ever, the 2012 Private Duty Home Care Leadership Summit & Expo will host a pre-conference intensive workshop for leaders in home care. Operations Toolbox: Nuts & Bolts of Building Systems & Sustaining Profitability will focus on how to run a profitable home care agency from experts who either are doing it or have done it. It’s a home care conference session not to be missed!

The pre-conference workshop will happen Monday, January 23, 2012, from 8:30-11:45 a.m.

Topics covered:

  • How to set up a private duty business correctly.
  • Chart of accounts.
  • How to read a P&L statement.
  • Cash flow and profitability.
  • What is the best way to classify home care for accounting?
  • Dashboard – division of types of services, by hours scheduled.
  • From tuck-ins to wake-ups to live-ins, and the costs related to each as a way of determining service mix.
  • Caregiver types, pay and responsibilities.
  • Referral sources by type.
  • Admissions by source – understanding where referrals come from that are turning into real clients.
  • How to get more of the clients with the higher revenue.
  • Service offerings that make the most money? Differing offerings and how to measure and manage each.
  • Caregiver turnover ratio and how to figure.
  • How to develop a profile for the ideal caregiver and orientation.
  • Screening and hiring processes and training.

Enjoy the chance for unbeatable professional development, and learn from educational sessions on effective operations, marketing and human relations at this year’s Private Duty Home Care Leadership Summit & Expo. For more details about the conference, please visit: