How to market home care services?

Catering to those who need home care services can be gratifying and fulfilling work; however, marketing these services may present a tough challenge for home care agency owners. Home care is an “at need” service because people do not pay attention to these services until the need arises. The key to home care marketing success is being called when the need arises.

So, how do you get people to call? You give them a reason, based on their need for information. You stay in front of them on a regular basis so they remember your agency name. Unfortunately, the needs for home care often come at unexpected times, and what home care means may not be totally understood. Be the local, approachable resource for information and be a comfort during a time of tough decisions for your audience.

As a former home care agency owner myself and a marketing expert with today’s technology, I know from working experience that growing an agency means:

  • Having the right information available in a variety of online ways;
  • Interacting and responding appropriately, online and directly;
  • Integrating all outreach, communication efforts with online inbound efforts.

My next post will explore finding your target audience and referral sources. In the meantime, check out MOSTSM, our coveted monthly turnkey marketing communications program designed for home care agencies—so you can put my strategic marketing practices into play immediately.