What is Inbound Marketing?

In today’s technology-driven marketing environment, there’s an ever-changing language of buzz-words. At the moment, I’d say the most important term to have in your vocabulary arsenal is ‘inbound marketing’. To introduce and examine the most effective strategies for marketing home care, I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts that will work through the overall process of strategic inbound marketing and more. So, to begin, I’ll start with an old-fashioned definition.

Definition of inbound marketing: Using the Internet and related media to learn about products or services; offering useful information, tools and resources to attract and develop relationships, educate and engage.

Platforms used with inbound marketing: SEO; Blogs; PPC; Social media; QR codes

Inbound marketing means remaining relevant with your audience—and building an online presence that fits the new model for how people find goods and services. With high-speed Internet access available almost anywhere and with smart phones and tablet computers quickly becoming the hub for much of home care sales and marketing, social networking, mobile-friendly websites, online directories, industry blogs and interactive communities should be an active part of any marketing strategy.

Confused about where to start? My next post will explore website design and development—which is a necessary starting point for implementing inbound marketing. I have plenty to say about content creation, search engine marketing, and mobile applications. A good company website is arguably the most important marketing tool and absolutely crucial. Read this recent article that I wrote which may serve as a great introduction to our continued discussion.

In the meantime, if you have questions about marketing your home care agency, I would love the opportunity to strategize to help you meet your marketing needs. Or, book me to speak at your next home care or marketing event.