Inbound Marketing as it Relates to Website Development

As promised, more on inbound marketing and how it relates to website development and overall strategy. Every day, people are seeking web-based information to learn about home care services, to vet agencies and find jobs. There’s an enormous advantage of having a marketing strategy on the web—24/7 interaction and collaboration with your audience; control of information; ability to have a presence where people are searching. Oftentimes, if an agency cannot be found online, potential clients and referrals will move on to the next provider whose information is available at the click of their mouse. So, website strategy all starts with pursuing, persuading, and keeping in touch.

When designing a website to be a successful marketing tool, be mindful of search engine optimization (SEO)—key words written into your messaging that will help your company to be found during online searches (think Google, bing, etc.).  And, use your new site to build a referral base and contact list. Many agency sites use a “Contact Us” form for online visitors to fill out for referral tracking and future outreach.

A contact management process allows companies to remain in regular communication with people and helps keep the agency top of mind with emails or newsletters. However, going beyond basic contact information and asking more questions can mean the difference between just another email address and a potential referral source. When implementing a “Contact Us” page, ask referral sources for additional information such as:

  • Is there a specialty service you provide that our patients might want to use?
  • Do you have educational needs that one of our home care experts could fulfill?
  • Is there a particular type of patient that you work with best?
  • What is the most important item you look for when making a referral?

Also, create a separate section within the online contact form for direct inquiries from potential patients or family members and ask:

  • Are there any physical limitations which require special assistance?
  • Are there special dietary needs or restrictions?
  • What is the current level of physical activity?
  • Are there any special medical conditions?

And for each and every inquiry, ask:

  •  How did you hear about us?

Collecting answers to these simple questions will help the intake process run smoothly. Just remember to keep it brief! Check back next week for tips you won’t want to miss about marketing messaging that engages and connects with your target audience.

In the meantime, if you have questions about marketing your home care agency, I would love the opportunity to strategize to help you meet your marketing needs. Or, book me to speak at your next home care or marketing event.