Inbound Marketing Makes Strides

There are always new words created to cover new ideas or concepts that work. I am usually ahead of the curve, and sometimes on the bleeding edge instead of the leading edge, and thus is the case with inbound marketing.  Because I started in technology in 1969, I seem to have a depth of understanding about possibilities and also some uncanny insight into how technology helps sell products and services. corecubed was doing integrated marketing communications before the word was coined, and now it turns out that we have been doing inbound marketing since before that term was coined.

Basically inbound marketing is getting people with an interest in products and/or services to find your products and services, and mostly online. This infographic “splains it” pretty well, and the bottom line is, well the bottom line. It costs less to get a lead and a customer if they are looking for you! No joke. But, the process is strategic and effective. And corecubed has been doing inbound marketing for years now, and our clients are certainly happy that we ARE ahead of the curve. And, actually, so are we….