Marketing from Down Under

Having just returned from a wonderful trip to Australia, I can report that it is more than one could imagine in its beauty, it’s wilderness, the sophistication of its urban centers, the edginess of its art and advertising. Although English is spoken there,  it is a different kind of language, with many more nuances and a lot of allowance for cheekiness.

Two examples I’d like to share. One is a new software website we just completed for Procura, which can also be accessed in Australian and Canadian.  Subtle differences in messaging and targeting, but using the web for all it is worth by understanding the differences in marketing to specific nationalities.

The next is one that I would use caution about viewing for those who might find it a bit cheeky, or in poor taste. However,  it is a perfect example of how one nationality and its acceptance levels can differ from another. You would never see a prostate cancer organization fundraising ad like this in the US.  However, it is run in a variety of locations in Australia and is a huge hit with its targets and message.

If you pay attention to the commercials and the print ads when you travel, you can really learn a lot about a culture.

So, G’Day, mate and hope it is a good one for you.