Make the Right Marketing Impression

When planning corporate messaging, it’s crucial to consider the impression that will result from your marketing. The article from HealthLeaders Media titled, “Gut-Grabbing Messages: What Makes an Impression?” pinpoints positive ways to navigate successful marketing in health-related fields. From experience, I know home care is a tough service to market using traditional tactics—which is why I developed a unique monthly marketing program called MOST. The program is designed to surmount the challenges of promoting home health care services through education about the issues of chronic disease. Specifically, MOST positions clients as the top resource on in-home care in their local market and leaves a responsible and reliable impression.  

The article warns about using emotion appropriately. With healthcare, it’s easy to want to lean on scare tactics to equip an audience with the grim facts. But, if you overdo it, you risk sending your listeners running for the hills and tuning everything out. On the opposite spectrum, if messaging is too positive, it may not seem serious enough for treating patients—unrealistic. A clear understanding of the desired impression is needed to determine an appropriate marketing tone. Educating your audience in a positive way communicates confidence and assurance. 

Stand above the crowded field by using robust and resource-rich content. Using MOST gives you web-based instant access to a library full of themed sales, recruitment, design, and advertising materials created by home health experts. Spanning all types of sales and marketing communications, such as print, web and email, as well as services such as social media, blogs, search engine optimization and public relations, MOST lets you choose what fits your agency best.

As you consider revisiting your marketing strategy, remember the advice spelled out in the article mentioned above—and remember the ever-expanding library of resources you can use with the MOST program.