Shout it Out Loud! Use the Internet to Spread Positive Word-of-Mouth about Your Business

Whenever you start a business campaign, you probably consider the return on investment (ROI)—and ROI is one of the most difficult things to measure in the marketing and PR world. It’s not always plausible to measure the success of a brand’s saturation of the marketplace, and it may take time for strong marketing to result in profit spikes. However, increased revenue is always a great way to measure success.

So how do you know your PR campaign will be worth the money you spend?

To get us started, if you haven’t already figured it out, the Internet is the most cost-effective PR tool. Utilizing the Internet is one surefire way to maximize your investment, measure ROI, and give your business a boost in credibility by showcasing media and PR placements as well as awards you’ve won, company sponsorships, and bylined articles.

The key is to be proactive, not only with your website, but with other sites on the Internet as well. The beauty of getting online press is really two-fold.

•Provides instant access to showcase positive PR to potential customers
•Allows future customers to find your company when media hits are posted on other sites

Receiving recognition for your company wasn’t accomplished by sitting back with your feet up, so translating that recognition into sales dollars should not be a lesson in laziness either.

Be sure to check back as I will continue the PR discussion and post several ways to leverage an investment in public relations to improve online positioning, credibility, internal and external communications, as well as sales and marketing materials. And, start today by benchmarking revenue, source and set a date to come back and remeasure to see if your campaign did, in fact, help in revenue growth.

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