Public Relations, Part 2

As promised, today’s post continues the PR discussion. First, let’s talk about how to make an online newsroom work for you.

In the “old days” of public relations, a hard copy press kit reigned supreme. Big bulky folders loaded with press releases, glossy photos and slides were standard in the industry. Today, you can simply direct a potential customer to a page on your website where press materials, high definition artwork and background information are ready to be used. Often called an online newsroom or press center, this is a huge time and money saver. Here are some tips when it comes to creating an online newsroom:

  • A newsroom should be a link or section on the main navigation of the website
  • A newsroom should always be visible from the home page and not buried
  • Populate the online newsroom accordingly—include bios of key executives, white papers, fact sheets, conference seminars, awards, and of course, press releases
  • Make certain the person responsible for responding to the media has his/her contact information easy to find

Now’s the Time to Brag!

When an award is bestowed or there are articles written about your business, communicate this to stakeholders. Third party endorsements in the form of media hits lend credibility to a business when customers are searching for recommendations.

Most media outlets have an online version of their print publication, and oftentimes, television stations also place digital clips of news segments online. Be sure to communicate press hits to customers:

  • Create electronic newsletters or e-blasts and highlight the news in a special section with links to the websites that include the feature or article
  • Maintain a virtual clip book in your online newsroom of media articles to impress customers and potential employees, clients, investors and other media

I hope these tips have been of assistance as you look to maximize your media and public relations success through the Internet. At corecubed we are experts at shouting your success from the mountaintops and building your company credibility through both online and traditional print media as well as radio and television. corecubed provides integrated marketing communications services using a strategic approach to help clients create high-impact campaigns to launch or rebrand products or companies.

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