Love affair with a room full of iPads

Monday this week I was privileged to spend the day with the sales staff of one of our clients. One of my tasks was to teach them how to use their iPad for their marketing contacts, record keeping, presentations, information, communication, destination mapping, and conversation. It was so much fun watching the group learn how to turn it on, set up email, set up uniform email addresses and titles and format for communication, install the marketing tracking information, practice using it, and get really excited about all the possibilities beyond just sales and marketing.

My test this trip was to use my iPad as a laptop and to be able to work efficiently and effectively with the iPad and not lug that heavy laptop around. As i write the “heavy laptop”, which is all of 8 lbs or so, I am reminded……

When I started in technology in 1969, I worked as a programmer on IBM mainframes with said machines inside an air conditioned room. There was another room full of key punchers who typed my programs into punch cards which were fed into computers. And the air conditioned room was BIG as the storage for those computers was space eating.

My first home computer was an Atari in 1984. Not the gamer Atari, but a real PC. Atari was a leader in gaming applications, and they saw the need for home computing as well. You almost had to be a programmer to understand how to  use it, however, but I did use it for data base management as I had started an in-home care business, and there was lots of data to manage. This early adaptation of technology to business was probably one of my reasons for success then, as well as now.

So, having the power of  one hundred thousand or so IBM mainframes from 1969 inside a tablet that does not even have to be run through the security scanner at the airport, is more than amazing. And to watch videos, listen to music, work, have instant news and weather, play games with my granddaughter, and teach an entire marketing and sales team from all service lines how to use a tablet for efficiency and effectiveness and creative marketing, is truly amazing.

As I said, I am having a love affair with my iPad right now. If you have any ideas of apps that work for home care or home health, please let me know. I’d like to continue having reasons to travel and show how easy working in the cloud can be.

And if you want to know how to use your iPad for work, June 21, 2011 at noon,  Will  “where there’s a Will there’s a Way” Chatham and Tammy Brown, Creative Director are giving a webinar.  Register here now.