Busy week in home care

Tampa on Monday and Tuesday for the American Telemedicine Association conference and exhibition. Exciting new products and services that will make communication, monitoring and service deliver easier for those who provide home care and those who receive home care. Some amazing items that I will showcase and report on later through Caring magazine and other venues. Today is just an update.

Wednesday in Austin for the Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice private duty conference where the crowd was attentive about using social media and ways to target chronic care for best results for clients and for agencies.

Today is New Mexico and the New Mexico Association for Home and Hospice Care and their spring conference where attendees will listen raptly to innovation and adaptability as keys to success, which is really a combination of all that has gone on this week, plus some industry insights, trends and suggestions as to how to compete in this rapidly changing marketplace.

Also, although I did mention the latest Gold Award on the last post, I failed to mention that this award was sought after by 3000 entries and corecubed‘s wining it with one of our MOST themes, puts us in the top 5% of agencies in the country.

corecubed wins award for MOST program
Options to Age at Home wins Aster Award