A day to remember…

Decades later, May 18th still remains a special day for me. This year, today marks 30 years as a successful business owner. Since launching Elder Care Solutions in 1981, I have assumed the role of serial entrepreneur. I sold my first business in 1996 and moved on to pursue my passion for communications and design, and started building corecubed. Having grown corecubed for the past 15 years, along the way I’ve had the pleasure to lend my winning strategy to countless clients and home care organizations, and become a national speaker and contributor to business and senior care publications. Looking back, it has been an honor.

As a pioneer in the home care industry, I’ve enjoyed serving and advocating on behalf of those aging or recuperating in their own homes for thirty years. And, I’ve had the opportunity to expand beyond my niche to incorporate my hobbies and interests with my business efforts—and that is truly rewarding work.

With technology continuously developing, the future swells with possibilities across the board. In fact, today I’m a happy business leader in the clouds. To summarize, on a day that I use to reflect, I am encouraged to continue on.

Cheers to more May 18ths—onward and upward!