Quality Wins in Google SEO Update

Google’s latest “Panda” update has many folks who follow website rankings and SEO all in a twitter, so to speak. Last week Google made some major changes in their algorithms affecting website rankings on search engines and how internet marketing works.  As in most things, there were some winners and some losers.

And, right now, no one really yet knows what the strategy is going forward, but it seems that the sites that really do have solid content, are well designed, and updated frequently are the winners. Basically,  this means, that if you are offering some good information, have it organized correctly, and are legitimate, then your may have won out over those who have been trying tricks to get ranked.

Design seems to be a factor in better rankings. Clean code and simple design helps the search engines crawl a site unimpeded. Also, page structure seems to matter.

Not too many ads. Better to have none than too many.

Relevant content that makes sense, and is not just content stuffed with keywords. Length of articles may also play a role.  “It seems that excessive amounts of very short articles may be a factor taken into consideration, because if that’s the majority of what you put out, the majority of your content is likely “shallow”. ” says Chris Crum of WebProNews. Also, if you just cannot do without autogenerated content, then it needs to be kept separate from the real content, and not indexed for search engines.

Backlinks are still important but they need to be relevant backlinks from relevant sites.

Basically, these are the things that corecubed has focused on because selling over the web is like selling in person. You have to be genuine, have a good product, and position it correctly supported with good design. There really are not shortcuts to winning. Perhaps those who got ranked because they used shortcuts are now suffering from that strategy, and the search engines will start to work better based on REAL search results, for REAL content, and not just manufactured communication that is irrelevant and created just for rankings.