Are you reading this on your iPad?

The latest results on top brands as selected by small businesses and outlined in an article today in the Biz Journals that showcases how one brand, Apple,  has managed to rise to the top over its biggest competitor, Southwest Airlines. And, if you are reading this right now on your iPad, then you know why. Great products may not always win the branding contests, but Apple makes great products, makes them simple, and makes them utilitarian AND fun. Check out Appziilla in the App Store if you don’t believe me. And sound that buzzer in those times when you wish you could yell, “get the hook!” in a meeting.

Branding works. Brand loyalty is something businesses crave. Marketers do create brands, but customers make them work. The best marketing team in the world can create some buzz about a product or service that works for a short time, but, to really have brand power the product or service has to be stellar.