Top 10 Best Practices in Home Care

Just found this, and am uncertain of the source, but it was from 2006 and still holds true today:

1. Only hire people you would trust in your own home, caring for your own parents.

2. Only ask people to do things that you would do yourself

3. Use a good scheduling software system that generates billing and payroll from the confirmed schedule.

4. Offer continuous learning to all staff.

5. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

6. Do not use an answering service. Use a remotely staffed employee so the client/referral source always has someone who can make a decision and staff or fix a problem immediately.

7. Always tell the truth to everyone, even if it hurts.

8. Ask for feedback from all staff on how the business could do things better.

9. Make changes in systems or people based on findings from staff from #8,

10. Have some fun when at all possible.

Enjoy and take these to heart for success.